Hydrated skin is healthy skin.
Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Nama Fiji is designed to provide lasting hydration and nutrition to all layers of the skin to promote a radiant, healthy complexion.

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"sea grapes", Caulerpa racemosa


Nama is a unique species of seaweed that grows wild in the pristine, blue lagoon waters of the Yasawa Island region in Fiji. Nama promotes longer lasting hydration on an intracellular (within-cell) level because it has a much higher percentage of ionic mineral salts when compared to other types of seaweed. This is supported by research done by James Cook University in Australia.

Benefits Of Nama

dehydrated skin

Symptoms – Fine lines, tight, dull complexion

Causes – Often caused by external elements (weather), unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices (consumption of alcohol or caffeine), or simply not drinking enough water, resulting in a less supple appearance

Nama Results – Provides moisture to the cells, hydrates & plumps the skin, minimizes fine lines

rosacea / couprose

Symptoms – Vascular dilation/redness, broken capillaries

Causes – Environment, spicy food, excessive drinking

Nama Results – Reduces redness, calms aggravated skin conditions, hydrates

premature aging

Symptoms – Fine and expression lines, crow’s feet, skin feels dryer

Causes – Sun exposure, excessive use of alcohol, stress

Nama Results – Encourages moisture inside the cells, hydrates and plumps the skin to prevent fine lines

sensitive skin

Symptoms – Itchy, pinkish color, reacts to harsh products Causes

Causes – Dry allipoid skin, genetic, hormonal, medication

Nama Results – Anti-inflammatory, desensitizes and moisturizes