Nama Harvesting

Meet Ana and Siteri of Somosomo village, who harvest Nama for their families’ needs, and to support the economic development goals of their entire village.

What Is Nama?

Benefits of Nama for the Skin:


Symptoms: Fine lines, tight, dull complexion

Causes: Often caused by external elements (weather), unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices (consumption of alcohol or caffeine), or simply not drinking enough water, resulting in a less supple appearance.

Results: Nama provides moisture to the cells, hydrates & plumps the skin, minimizes fine lines

Our Founder:

Health & Wellness:

In 2014 Debra took her passion for skin care into designing skincare formulas, founding Essence Group Fiji, a health and wellness business centered around supporting local economic development goals. Debra’s extensive knowledge of the benefits of sea minerals for the skin led her to explore the various types of local seaweed. Through her partnership with James Cook University in Australia, Debra learned that Nama, a long time local Fijian delicacy, has incredibly beneficial properties for the skin due to its high concentration of minerals and vitamins.

Sustainable Nama Harvesting:

Debra then embarked on a journey to figure out how best to sustainably harvest and incorporate Nama into her skincare formulas. Being mission driven, Essence Group built the world’s first sustainable Nama harvesting program alongside the Australian Government funded Market Development Facility*.

The sustainable Nama harvesting program was designed to create opportunity for the women of the Yasawa islands. It generates a new income source to compliment that of the traditional village system and safeguard an important natural resource in a pristine environment. *MDF is a multi-country initiative which promotes sustainable economic development through higher incomes for women and men in their partner countries.