To be a sustainable beauty brand that is building a socially responsible enterprise for our planet's future.


It’s not just about making world class products, equally important is caring for our community and sustainably using what mother nature has to offer. We’re focused on improving the livelihood of rural women & communities in Fiji through training, employment and Nama harvesting in the Fijian villages of the Yasawa Islands. To us environmental and social responsibility isn’t just a mission, it permeates every facet of what we do.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin, healthy skin is younger looking skin.

Hydrated Skin is Healthy Skin,
Healthy Skin is
Younger Looking Skin.


Our philosophy has always been to provide the simplest formulas, made with ingredients in their most natural state, to help achieve healthy skin.

Healthy skin is a representation of a healthy life.

Things like the sun, pollution, alcohol, and stress accelerate skin damage. Over time, we build up skin damage and the signs of aging become more visible. The key to maintaining more youthful looking skin is skin hydration because hydrated skin does not wrinkle as easily.

The Nama Fiji product range was designed to provide lasting hydration and nutrition to all layers of the skin to promote a radiant, healthy complexion.



Not sure if it's age, lifestyle, or environmental factors but my skin has been so dry this year. I tried sheet masks, new creams, new oils -- nothing in my existing skin arsenal seemed to help.

Until a friend of a friend recommended the Nama Fiji Gel Serum. I put it on morning and night and suddenly my skin feels hydrated. Plus the Nama Fiji Face Mask twice a week for a little extra moisture. I saw the difference in only a few days!! 

- Alice R.

I consulted with my dermatologist and had to go on Acutane (for a second time) for my acne, which is very drying. However, I’ve been only using Nama Fiji products - Cleansing Gel, Gel Serum, Face Cream - and I haven’t had any dryness at all on my face!

- Emily T.

This is the perfect daily eye cream! It has a thick, creamy texture that melts into your skin, leaving you feeling hydrated for hours after. I find that I can even wear it under eye make-up without causing creases. I love it as a night eye cream and notice that my eye area is much smoother the more I use it. A must buy!

- Katherine A.


100% Plant-based

All Nama Fiji ingredients are plant-based
and naturally derived.

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