Nama Story

The Nama Fiji brand is the culmination of a 30 year journey by its founder Debra Sadranu to develop a premiere anti-aging skincare line made from all natural plant-based ingredients sustainably harvested from the Fijian sea and surrounding island nature. Its Key ingredient, Nama (“sea grapes”, Caulerpa racemosa), is a powerhouse of intra-cellular hydration and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals that repair and replenish damaged skin. While Nama is grown in many oceans around the world, certified testing has shown that the pristine waters around Fiji produces the purest Nama with the highest concentration of hydration and anti-aging properties.

Since 2014, The Nama Fiji brand has been featured in dozens of 5-star Luxury Spas in Fiji and the Pacific Islands, both as a retail offering and for use in high-end spa and anti-aging treatments.

Spa Exclusivity & Signature Scents

The Nama Fiji brand strategy is centered around social responsibility, sustainability, empowerment and exclusivity. Currently in 17 luxury spas worldwide, Nama Fiji is looking for 1 qualifying "anchor" spa in each major demographic region as the exclusive signature spa representing the Nama Fiji brand. 

The benefits of being the exclusive Nama Fiji Signature Spa in your area include special pricing discounts and promotions, inclusion in worldwide brand marketing, the opportunity to be a refill/reuse center supporting the suatainability pledge of the Nama Fiji brand, development of siganture product blends and treatement protocols - and the ability to create Siganture Scents!

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Signature Scents

As an opportunity to build even more exclusivity into your Spa's brand or treatment protocols, qualifying spas have the opportunity to work with Nama Fiji to create exclusive signature scents and product blends only available at their spa locations. Better still, depending on sales and location volumes, Nama Fiji can offer these signature scents for both in-spa treatments AND retail products sold at your Spas!  

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