Wild nama ("sea grapes", Caulerpa racemosa) is a native seaweed to the pristine, blue lagoon waters of the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. In order to source this special seaweed, Essence Group Fiji developed a sustainable nama harvesting program with the Fijian women of the Yasawas. Women harvesters spend up to 8 hours in the water, 3 days a week, hand picking the wild nama "sea grapes". Nama regenerates rapidly (within 3 weeks) and harvesting the nama does not negatively impact the ecosystem. The nama harvesting program allows the Fijian women to earn an income.

The purchasing of Nama Fiji products helps to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

Essence Group Fiji partnered with Australian Government funded Market Development Facility to develop the sustainable nama harvesting program. MDF is a multi-country initiative which promotes sustainable economic development through higher incomes for women and men in their partner countries.

Photos courtesy of Talei Tora